DIY Lavender Sugar Scrub Recipe

I love to use exfoliators, they make my skin feel so nice and smooth. I’ve heard of salt scrubs and sugar scrubs, and of course I’ve purchased expensive scrubs every now and then. Though I love to use them, I’ve always felt like buying them was a bit extravagant.

Last night I made a Lavender Sugar Scrub. I didn’t have raw sugar in the house (so I had to purchase that), otherwise these are basic household ingredients.

This recipe is super easy and quite yummy, one of my kids even licked the mixing bowl clean after I put the finished scrub into the containers.

Here are the ingredients:
White Granulated Sugar – 1/2 cup
Raw Sugar – 1/2 cup
Fractionated Coconut Oil – 1/4 cup (Olive Oil can be used instead or regular softened coconut oil)
Lavender Essential Oil – 10 drops

Lavender Sugar Scrub Ingredients

Mix it up and you are done!

Lavender Sugar Scrub Recipe

Homemade Lavender Sugar Scrub

You could add in some dried lavender flowers to make it look pretty but it isn’t necessary. Once all the ingredients are mixed together you’ll want to place the lavender sugar scrub it into air-tight containers.  I used small food storage containers but you could purchase cute little containers if you plan to give these out to friends and family. They would make great gifts for a birthday, baby shower, bridal shower, Mother’s Day, Christmas or any other holiday.

This morning I used the scrub on my feet when I took a shower.  The scrub worked just as well as the other scrubs I used but was much cheaper.  It is only good as an exfoliator since it doesn’t have any soap in it, so make sure to soap off well afterward.


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