More Uses for Lavender Essential Oil

We love lavender essential oil.  It has so many daily uses. Here are some more helpful tips and uses for Lavender Essential Oil. Enjoy!

– Help ease Agitation or Anxiety by topically applying Lavender Essential Oil by itself or in a carrier oil to the chest, soles of the feet or top of the head to calm agitation or anxiety. Or use aromatically by adding it to a bath.

– Help heal Blisters and Boils by topically applying (with or without a carrier oil, depending on skin sensitivity) directly to the site.

– Relieve Chicken Pox by applying pure lavender oil on top of the skin to help soothe itchy skin and promote faster recovery from this viral infection.

– Apply lavender topically to Cuts to aid in healing and prevent infection.

– Heal Dry Lips by diluting 1-2 drops in 1 tsp of coconut oil and apply to the lips as needed.

– Pure lavender oil and its antiviral properties may help Herpes Simplex outbreaks when used topically. Start small and increase as needed.

And this just in, a wonderful review from a happy customer who purchased Lavender Essential Oil by Butterfly Beauty Shop:

All I can say is this Lavender oil has the most beautiful fragrance I have ever experienced. Plus I love the fact this came from Provence! It’s like being near the Lavender bushes in France on a lovely warm spring day. First thing I did was dab a few drops on myself and it made me feel relaxed and content. Today I used it on a burn on my hand and it immediately felt soothed. If you love natural things I recommend this versatile oil. -Jeanne

Lavender with Euro Cap

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